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Genderweek: The moral case for abortion

De eerste vrouwelijke rector in Vlaanderen. Al meer dan 20 jaar pioneer in onderzoek en vorming over gender en diversiteit. Het is de eerste universiteit met een diversiteits beleid en een gender actie plan. Een ere-doctoraat prijs voor het voorvechter van vrouwenrechten en abortusrecht. Het is duidelijk dat gelijke kansen en respect in het DNA van de VUB verstrengeld zit. Dit jaar nodigt de VUB Research & Development Department, RHEA Centre of Expertise Gender, Diversity and Intersectionality, Crosstalks, Gender Action Plan, UCOS en deMens.nu u uit voor de tweede editie van de VUB gender week


Dinsdag 7/03/2017

The moral case for abortion

Machteld De Metsenaere Lecture by Ann Furedi, British Pregnancy Advisory Service, UK

In her book “The Moral Case for Abortion” Ann Furedi sets out the ethical arguments to respect a woman's right to decide. Drawing on the traditions of sociological thinking and moral philosophy, it maintains that there is a strong moral case for recognizing autonomy in personal decision-making about reproductive intentions. More than this, it argues that to prevent a woman from making her own choice to continue or end her pregnancy is to undermine the essence of her humanity.

Ann Furedi is a leading pro-choice activist and the chief executive of BPAS, The British Pregnancy Advisory Service.

The lecture will be followed by a panel talk moderated by Gily Coene (RHEA director) with Prof. Freddy Mortier (UGent), dr. Ladan Rahbari (CRGC & RHEA), Lucie Van Crombrugge (Doctor Honoris Causa VUB), Carine Vranken (LUNA) and Anne Verougstraete (Sjerp-dilemma), with a closing talk by rector Caroline Pauwels (to be confirmed).

  •             Freddy Mortier is Professor in Moral Philosophy and vice-chancellor at UGent
  •             Ladan Rahbari is a doctor in sociology and joint researcher at RHEA and UGent
  •             Lucie Van Crombrugge received an honorary degree at the VUB for her long-term engagement in the struggle for the right to abortion
  •             Anne Verougstraete is a medical expert in reproductive health and works at SJERP-DILEMMA, VUB
  •             Carine Vrancken is president of LUNA - Unie van Nederlandstalige abortuscentra.

Program of the evening:

  •              18.00 -18u15: Welcome by Gily Coene (RHEA)
  •              18.15-19.00: Public lecture by Ann Furedi
  •              19.00-20.15: Panel discussion, Q&A
  •              20.15 -21.00: Closing by Caroline Pauwels (VUB) and reception

Venue: VUB Campus Etterbeek - Promotiezaal (Building D)

Time: 06:00-09:00pm


Registration: http://www.vub.ac.be/events/2017/machteld-de-metsenaere-lecture-the-moral-case-for-abortion-panel-discussion

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